Strawberry Shortcake

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The Details:

  • Breeder: Dark Horse Genetics
  • Genetics: (Strawberry Diesel) X (Juliet)
  • Chemovar: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
  • Indica Percentage: 30%
  • Sativa Percentage: 70%
  • Dominant Terpenes: Carophyllene Limonene Myrcene

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Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake is a to-die-for dessert strain that will dazzle your tastebuds. Experience the incredible flavor of fruity berries and creamy vanilla in a pungent Indica strain. Featuring an unbeatable flavor profile from its combination of the Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Limonene terpenes, Strawberry Shortcake is a strain you’ll want to hit again and again. Whether you choose to smoke or vape it, Strawberry Shortcake’s unbelievable flavor will have you hooked. You’ll feel like a true gourmand when you try Strawberry Shortcake’s exotic green and pink colored buds.

A delightful cross between the strains known as The White and White Wookie, Strawberry Shortcake’s entrancing effects will transport you to a lovely paradise. This tingly, euphoric strain produces both cerebral and physical effects, leaving your mind and body in a blissful state. We recommend this strain for evening use, as its hypnotic effects will keep you quite occupied. Enhance your creativity, deepen your focus, and relax your body with this fire strain. With just one hit of this powerful strain, a wave of deep relaxation and calming energy will wash over you, invigorating your spirit.

Whether you are a medical patient who needs relief from insomnia or a recreational user who enjoys blissful Indica strains, you will love Strawberry Shortcake. With its deeply intoxicating flavor, aroma, and effects, there is so much to love about this potent cannabis strain. Add the exceptional Strawberry Shortcake dessert strain to your stash today and see for yourself why it is so beloved by cannabis connoisseurs everywhere.

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