Mac 3 (Lemon)

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The Details:

  • Breeder: Capulator
  • Genetics: (Miracle) X (Alien Cookies F2)
  • Chemovar: Hybrid
  • Indica Percentage: 50%
  • Sativa Percentage: 50%
  • Dominant Terpenes: Limonene, Carophyllene, Myrcene

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Mac 3 (Lemon)

Straight outta Los Angeles, Mac 3 is no joke. This fire strain is super rare, so if you come across some, get your hands on it. Mac 3 became wildly popular when legal dispensaries opened in California, where it sold out everywhere. Unfortunately, its cultivators did not anticipate its success, so they only preserved a couple of the OG plant’s clones. Nowadays, cannabis aficionados are hard-pressed to get their hands on this elite rare strain, but you’re lucky enough to have some right here in front of you.

An evenly-balanced hybrid, Mac 3 is the result of crosses between Alien Cookies, Colombia Gold, and Starfighter. Take a whiff of this stinky strain and you’ll notice aromas of creamy, musky citrus. On the inhale, you’ll experience juicy apple notes that are heavy on the gas. Mac 3’s pungent citrus aroma is due to its large concentrations of Limonene, which is known for its uplifting qualities. Mac 3’s gorgeous buds are coated in trichome-coated sugar leaves, which are green in color with slight purple variations.

Knock out your stress, anxiety, and body pain with Mac 3’s potent analgesic effects. Smoking Mac 3 will calm your mind and ease your racing thoughts so you can truly enjoy living in the moment. Make time stand still with this standout strain. With its deeply relaxing, euphoric effects, Mac 3 is a cultivar you don’t want to miss out on. Whether you smoke solo or with friends, elevate your next sesh with this skunky, citrusy strain.

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