Guide to Edibles.

Edibles a lot of people are familiar with this term, a wide range of them are even in existence and are being used on a daily basis. However, with so many types existing, there is a need for a guide to help explain the types of edibles and assist you in selecting which edibles you want to try.

In this article, we will do well to explain what edibles are, what differentiates them from other methods of cannabis consumption and various types of edibles along with some derivatives.

What are Edibles?

We will be starting off by describing what edibles are. Edibles are basically any type of food product that have been infused with cannabis, in other words, they are Marijuana/THC infused. They are often prepared commercially for circulation and can also be homemade. They are often consumed orally, while some are either absorbed under the tongue or through the cheeks, i.e. sublingually or buccally.

Edibles can serve a wide range of purposes, varying from recreational applications down to it's many medical applications, some edibles are made specifically for certain purposes.

Edibles come in a wide variety of forms, the infused substance could be solid food or liquid, some forms include candies/gummies, tea, brownies, hot sauce or even tinctures etc.

What makes edibles different from all other forms of cannabis consumption?

Edibles give the cannabis user a choice of how they intend to use and enjoy cannabis. With a wide range of options, it permits the user to indulge in unique eating experiences.

Also, when it comes to feeling the effects of cannabinoids, edibles tend to offer a unique experience that is often delayed and elongated. When an edible is consumed, It first undergoes the digestive process and it's eventually Filtered through the liver before finally entering into the bloodstream and arriving at the brain. This simply means that it could take a while, sometimes close to an hour before the effects of the edible finally start to kick in. It also means that the effects would persist and last longer than other forms of consumption, including forms like vaping or smoking.

However the delay in effectiveness often cause the misconception that the edibles didn't work, this is common to people new to edibles. However, over a period of time, they come to understand edibles and it's course of action.

Different types of Edibles:

There are a wide range of edibles in all parts of the world, but here is a list that compiles some of the best recipes and favorites in the edible world.

1. Baked Edibles/Goods: A common derivative of this is the famous Marijuana brownies. It consist of a wide range of options as it's applications are limitless, especially if you have decided to make your own cannabis baked Edibles at home. They make up some of the most popular edible types, cookies, muffins and even pancakes are also under this category.

2. Chews and Gummies: They come in various shapes and sizes but then like the name implies, they are sweet and chewy products. It could contain a wide range of dosage and this should be determined before use.

3. Hard candies and Mints: A bit similar to the category above, they are basically normal candy infused with cannabis or THC. They are designed to absorbed through the cheek wall or under the tongue, this tend to cause a faster effect in it's action.

4. Chocolate: This allows chocolate lovers to enjoy their favourite treat while experiencing the psychoactive effects of cannabis/marijuana/THC. Can come in various flavours as required by the user.

5. Drinks and Mixes: This is becoming increasingly popular among cannabis users, basically because it is social friendly and can be used in a wide range of occasions. The drinks could range from teas down to juices or even seltzer, and for those who prefer making their own mixes, there is always the leisure to explore. Absorption occurs mainly through the cheeks and under the tongue.

6. Cooking and baking Oils: For those who do a lot of cooking and also enjoy the psychoactive effects of cannabis/marijuana/THC, this is best suited for you. The infused oil can help in all forms of cooking from baking desert down to making your own salad dressing. It can either be homemade or purchased from an outlet.

7. Snacks: While some people prefer it sweet, some love it salty and at times spicy. If that is the case, infused snacks are the best for people with such taste. It could be chips, crackers, biscuits, pretzels etc.